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English Version (pp. 2-9) – Резюме на английском языке (стр. 2-9)

Key Information

Personal Data






Other Related & Supporting Data

Russian Version (pp. 10-17) – Резюме на русском языке (стр. 10-17)

Основная информация

Личные данные






Дополнительные сведения

Date of execution: December 1, 20101

Дата создания документа: 1 декабря 2010 года2

^ Key Information

I am a qualified linguist and professional English-Russian translator/interpreter with over 8 years of experience. I participated in and managed several large translation projects. Targeting at perfection, I enhance my knowledge and skills on a regular basis (completed an advanced training program for translators, finished a second higher education in business&finance, and continue to self-educate).

* Responsible and reliable with excellent attention to detail.

* Excellent writing and communication skills.

* Proven ability to solve problems and prioritize under pressure to tight deadlines.

* Motivated, flexible and able and willing to master new skills quickly.

* Good team member, able to work on my own initiative and bring the best out in colleagues.

* Excellent research, organizational and administration skills.

* Good knowledge of the English language and culture gained while staying in the UK.

* Good interpersonal skills with people of all backgrounds and cultures.

* High degree of computer literacy.

* Driving license.

^ Personal Data

Date of Birth: January 1, 1980

Nationality: Russian

Citizenship: Russian Federation

Family Status: single

Mobile phone number: +7 (910) 462 29 59

Home phone/fax number: +7 (498) 600 67 79


Domicile: 49/4, apt. 22, Silikatnaya St., Mytishchi 141013, Russian Federation

E-mail accounts: ann-shishkova@yandex.ru (main), hallooooo@mail.ru (additional)




1) Business – highest quality: trade; franchising; business management; supply chain management; logistics and warehousing; marketing and market research; deals and contracts; memorandums and agreements; offers and quotations; feasibility studies; bills of lading; policies and procedures; resolutions and minutes; press releases; business proposals; business plans; extracts from trade and other registers; corporate presentations and profiles; corporate web-site texts; etc.

2) ^ Finance – highest quality: securities; taxation; investment; insurance; accounting; banking; annual and other reports; terms and conditions; policies; financial records and statements; audit reports; supporting financial documents; mandates; signature cards; applications; etc.

3) ^ Law – highest quality: constituent documents; powers of attorneys; certificates; notarized and legalized documents; human rights; copyright law; commercial arbitration; court rulings, decisions and proceedings; federal laws; local orders; etc.

4) Medicine – high quality: drugs & pharmaceuticals; contraceptives; cosmetics; dentistry; treatment of burn injuries and fractures; dressings, bandages and their application; pandemic flu; AIDS; ADHD; animal studies; certificates of pharmaceutical products; brochures; medical opinions; etc.

5) Software – high quality: back office systems; stock management systems; user manuals; rules and procedures; Internet site forms; ToR in the IT sphere; etc.

6) Politics – good quality: newspaper articles on hot issues, etc.

7) Technics – good quality: construction; landscaping; textiles; home appliances; oil and gas; oils and greases; aircrafts; agriculture and farm machinery; fast food equipment; advertising aids; ceramics; metallurgy; scientific articles; material data sheets; lists of equipment; operating manuals; safety data sheets; drawings; etc.



1) Exhibitions – highest quality: information exchange between exhibitors and visitors

2) ^ Conferences – highest quality: whispering

3) Negotiations – high quality: face-to-face and telephone interpretation

4) Presentations – good quality: consecutive interpretation

5) Trainings – good quality: simultaneous interpretation

Project Management

1) Participation – highest quality: work on a project as a member of a translator team, compilation of project glossaries

2) Management – good quality: use of TRADOS tools to coordinate work of a translator team and handle a project technically


06.10.05 – present

Self-employed, freelancer

4.10.2004 – 05.10.05

Connect Translation Agency LLC

Finance and Business Development Manager

Duties & Responsibilities:

- Consulting on finance, management, and business development

- Translation and interpretation

06.09.2002 – 01.10.2004

Professional Translations Center LLC (ROID trade name)

Head of Translation Department

Duties & Responsibilities:

- Managed the Department (6 persons),

- Coordinated long-term and core translation projects,

- Dealt with staff recruitment,

- Composed detailed job descriptions, Policy&Procedures for employees and freelancers, other documents, and prepared and assessed test translations,

- Searched for freelance translators, negotiated upon terms and conditions of their work for the Center,

- Performed quality control and responded claims,

- Maintained translation archives, monitored order and translator databases, and

- Was generally responsible for efficient and effective work of every person subordinated to me and the Department as a whole

Manager/Translation Department

Duties & Responsibilities:

- Matched freelancer skills and order requirements to select proper translators/interpreters for orders,

- Monitored freelancer adherence to the Policy&Procedures,

- Coordinated medium- and short-term translation projects,

- Notarized and legalized documents,

- Organized internal trainings,

- Investigated the Russian translation market,

- Prepared reports for the Company management, and

- Was generally responsible for smooth day-to-day operations of the Department

Translator/Translation Department

Duties & Responsibilities:

- Translated texts on law and economics mostly from English into Russian (from time to time vice versa),

- Edited, proofread, corrected, and formatted various translated materials,

- Prepared glossaries for customers and translation project groups, and

- Was generally responsible for quality order performance

17.08.2001 – 4.09.2002

Mortgage & Investment Programs Center/Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation

Secretary & Manager

Duties & Responsibilities:

- Organized and conducted workshops and conferences:

provided general administrative support to the Center management,

translated reports and correspondence,

assisted foreign guests as interpreter,

communicated with overseas and domestic partners/clients,

composed Letters of Invitation and arranged for their distribution,

placed advertisements,

dealt with VIP conference participants,

maintained participant databases,

searched for and invited mass media representatives to the events,

scheduled events and developed programs,

received, corrected, formatted, and otherwise processed materials of workshops/conferences,

executed forms and documents (agreements, invoices, acts, etc),

managed lease of premises and projector equipment,

made hotel reservations,

arranged for coffee breaks, lunches, and final receptions, and

was generally responsible for events to have success

1.04.2001 – 17.08.2001

Cross – Cultural Solutions Company

Interpreter & Translator

Duties & Responsibilities:

- Sequential and simultaneous interpretation

- Translation

- General support to people in a foreign environment




Translation for Novatek: Put and Call Option Confirmation, Agreement of Pledge of Shares

November 2010, over 65 pages

Translations for Valartis: Long-Term Agreement on Non-Residential Premises Lease

October 2010, 45 pages

Constituent documents

June 2010, over 60 pages

Translation for Merck on coaching

August 2010, over 75 pages

Translation of Internet site content for AIG (Alico)

July 2010, 40 pages

Translation of the National Corporate Governance Report for the National Corporate Governance Council

June 2010, 60 pages – 3rd edition

June 2009, 60 pages – 2nd edition

Translation for Schering-Plough Central East AG on professional relationship and communication (training materials)

April 2010, over 140 pages

Translations of Federal Laws and draft Federal Laws for the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

March 2010, over 70 pages

Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry 2008

December 2009 – January 2010, over 155 pages

Translation for Renova Group: Central and Eastern European District Heating Outlook

September 2009, over 105 pages

Translation for Deutsche Bank Ltd.: Sovereign Wealth Fund Seminar materials

April 2008, 50 pages

Translation of the working document on climate change and renewable energy (prepared by the Commission of the European Communities in January 2008) and related papers

March 2008, 70 pages

Translation for Expobank: Loan and Equity Term Sheets

February 2008, 60 pages

Translation of the report for the Center for Strategic Research (CSR) in Moscow: Competitiveness at the Crossroads: Choosing the Future Direction of the Russian Economy

November 2007, over 100 pages

Translation for Severstal: workshop presentations and handouts on economics of mining

August-October 2007, over 210 pages

Translation for Direct Holding Company: a series of articles, publications, presentations by Martin Lindstrom on branding and related workshop materials

March 2007 - April 2008, over 400 pages

Translation of several chapters from a book on economic and legal aspects of the stock exchange

August-September 2006, over 200 pages

Translation for SFC (UK): franchise agreements, business plan and proposals, correspondence, marketing materials, management, operating and marketing manuals, safety data sheets, operating instructions, recipes

2006 through 2007, over 500 pages

November - December 2005, the United Kingdom (Reading), over 300 pages

Translation for Logrus Company: subscriber portalspecifications, scripts for copyright protection team procedures, user guide, description of the ‘License Management Implementing’ training course

April-July 2007, over 150 pages

Translation for Shell Company on oils and greases

August 2005, over 70 pages

Translation for Oral-B Company: articles, research papers, advertising brochures, Internet site texts

May 2005, over 50 pages

Translation of a series of agreements on telecommunication services, company names are not disclosed for confidentiality reasons

October 2004, over 60 pages


Editing Harvard Business School case studies for Urbis Company, October 2006, over 110 pages

Editing Rosneft’s corporate web-site texts, July 2006, over 70 pages

Editing the draft Federal Law ‘On Packaging Waste’, May 2006, over 15 pages

Editing translated materials of Novartis on pandemic flu, March 2006, over 20 pages

^ Consecutive Interpretation

Moscow Buy Brand Show, annually, September

Fast-food franchisee training, July 2007 and 2008

Negotiations on investing in a plant construction project, March 2007

Meetings at conducting internal audit of a company, March 2007

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) International Conference, April 2006

Work group meetings at Petrovax, December 2005

Negotiations of Klipsch Europe BV, spring 2005

^ Simultaneous Interpretation

Change Management training at RUSAL, March 2006

International Exhibition ‘Franchising-2005’, September 2005

Project Participation

November – December 2002: one of Sakhalin translation projects (at ROID Translation Agency) – work coordination

March – April 2004: Mortgage book translation project (at ROID Translation Agency) – project management
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